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Christina Fitch

The Atypical Therapist
Star Formation


Hi, I’m Christina, nice to meet you and thank you for checking out my page.


I am a Psychotherapist, Astrologer and Certified Reiki Master. I received my Masters in Psychology, specializing in depth and spiritual psychology, from Antioch University - Los Angeles. I’m formally trained in Astrology through Debra Silverman Astrology School. My Reiki training and certification was done under the Mikao Usui method. I have a lifetime of experience with the clinical world of psychology and am a licensed therapist, however I do not use my license in this setting. There are several reasons for this, if you are curious please ask. I also do not accept insurance; also due to several reasons. 


My goal is to help all humans love and accept themselves, and support them through difficult moments in their lives by using an array of therapeutic tools I have acquired through my personal and professional experience. What makes me different according to past and current clients; I ask questions that make people think, I am honest and authentic, I’m not afraid to talk about hard or controversial topics, I help people connect the dots of their lives and help reframe unhelpful thought patterns. I’m empathic, open minded and non-judgmental. I’ve been accused of being psychic and highly intuitive.


Who I work best with:

Anyone who is very curious and highly ambitious. People who have an ADHD or Autistic diagnosis. Those who have a history with addiction, anxiety or depression. Individuals wanting to do intergenerational work. Anyone who is just curious about Astrology, Spirituality and Psychology.


I utilize your birthchart to establish the theme or your life and primary personality traits. This helps you to understand yourself on a deeper level and helps balance out any negative thoughts you may have; whether it be your internal dialogue or from external sources. Using astrology also helps you understand shifts and transitions you may be experiencing. Does this prevent you from having the experiences? No, but it does help you navigate life in a different and more productive way. I offer traditional therapeutic tools to navigate hard transitions and just having the awareness of what is happening and that there is an end, helps get through tough times. 


If you have a traditional diagnosis from a mental health professional, I can also help you discover tools to manage life on your terms. 

Are you curious about astrotherapy but not quite ready to commit? No problem! Sign up for a free consultation and you can decide from there.

As a life coach, I address several things. What your goals are, what are the obstacles you have been having, what have you already accomplished to achieve your goals? Then we set a plan. A realistic plan. We explore any obstacles you have had and foreshadow obstacles you may experience. It helps to utilize astrology, and the option is available, but not required.

Are you or a loved one not doing well? Do you want help but are afraid to go to a therapist, doctor or self help group? This consultation is for you. The field of psychology and the mental health system can be very difficult to navigate and I can help guide you through this. As someone who has been in your shoes and has now worked behind the scenes, I answer all your questions and provide you with questions to ask your doctors and insurance providers. I have a network of therapists, treatment centers and alternative methods to help guide you in making the best decision for you or your loved one. 

Starry Sky

925 587 3311



by appointment only

Use the form below to contact me if you are interested in a service.

Thanks for contacting me! I will follow up with you soon to set up your appointment.

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