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How Astrology Has Helped Me

I thought I’d do a little blog about astrology and how it can be helpful.

Not everyone believes in astrology, and that’s ok. An astrologer once said that you don’t have to believe in astrology for it to be real. I felt that. Especially since that is what I used to tell people who didn’t believe in Jesus. I’m not going to get all religious here, I just share this because many people believe that astrology is a religion, my response; yes, but it’s more a science. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest science that has been studied by humans. It’s the first science that was studied by humans. Some may say that all other sciences came from astrology. Why is that? Because astrology is the study of how our planets affect those who live on Earth. I’m sure others can explain this way better than I can because I don’t really understand physics, but it’s all energy. The way I look at it, astrology humanizes astronomy.

I’ve been studying astrology in some way since I was very young. It started with my obsession of laying on my dad’s car staring at the stars on the nights he had me. He and my step-mom at the time, lived out in the country and the sky looked so different than in the city with my mom. Laying on that car staring at the stars brought me peace. So, it all started with my love of astronomy and wanting to feel at peace.

I can’t say for sure when it shifted to astrology for me, but I believe it was around my teenage years. For some reason I always knew I was a Taurus. I also always knew my time of birth. I don’t know why, but that was always something my mom told me. Along with the fact that she was in labor with me for 12 hours, that her water broke when chasing my aunt and uncle’s dog, and she went home to pay bills before she went to the hospital. Yeah, my mom’s kind of a beast. When I was younger, she and I would read the newspaper horoscopes, but I never really believed them because they were only accurate sometimes. I was, however, always curious about the zodiac signs because they were part of our constellations. That had to mean something right? So, I would read on the specific zodiac signs and in all honesty, I fit some of the Taurus traits, but I identified way more as an Aries. Later in life, I learned why this was.

Throughout my life I would always take a look at astrology books and then observe people. I was always super curious about astrology and the dynamics between others. For instance, I have a gravitational pull to Scorpios. Actually, to water signs in general. I’m surrounded by them! My family is full of Scorpios and Cancers. It’s ridiculous. Over the past 7 years, I’ve now been collecting Pisces as friends. Again, I now understand this more.

Back to astrology and relationships. Exploring the dynamics of relationships through astrology has become an obsession, which is good since I’m an astrologer and psychotherapist! It started with trying to understand myself first. I had my first birth chart looked at when I was in my early 30’s. That helped me understand why I felt more like an Aries than a Taurus. This was the first time someone told me I had the chart of an astrologer. I didn’t really understand what that meant, but I thought it was cool because I loved astrology. I continued to learn it the way I had always been, reading books when something caught my attention. Then 2016 came around. I don’t know what 2016 was like for you, but it was by far the worst year of my life to that point, including 2012 when I almost died. I had my chart looked at when I was attending a sound healing. It was this session that started my deep dive into becoming an astrologer.

The woman looked at my chart and was able to give me specifics about situations I had experienced in my life, including telling me what happened that was making 2016 so hard for me. I couldn’t believe it. How could this woman get that specific by looking at my birth chart? I knew at that moment astrology wasn’t BS and decided I needed to learn more. So, I started listening to some astrologers on YouTube and one astrologer had his own app, so I signed up for it. I started reading as much as I could. I was learning the correlations between history and astrology, which is how they do predictive astrology. I’m currently learning that astrology is a science and an art; which is beautiful and amazing!

2016 also sent me on my journey to California. I completed my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2014 with a concentration in Mindful Psychology. That was such a compliment to my 8 years in a 12-step program and I knew I wanted to get my Masters so I could be a therapist. The problem was, none of the Master’s programs offered Mindfulness or Spiritual psychology specializations and I had no desire to do a program that did not include those. Early 2017 I found Antioch University that offered a Masters of Psychology with a Spiritual & Depth specialization. I had found a couple other schools, but Antioch fit me best for many reasons.

Those of you who are therapists, know how hard those years of school and clinical hours are. It is not for the faint of heart, especially if you are doing your own therapeutic work. School was hard, but in all honesty I only had maybe 3 classes that I really learned something that wasn’t just review for me. The harder part was everything going on outside of school and everything that came in post graduate hours, that was brutal. They do not prepare you enough for what you are about to experience. In all fairness though, my post graduate hours were being done during the pandemic when NO ONE knew what they were doing. My clinical director at the time said we were “building a plane as we flew it”. John Kim has said we are “building a bus as we are driving it”. By Earth or Air, we are in very different times and navigating life like we have never done before.

Enter in more astrology, and the reason I believe it is important for healers and those in leadership to know astrology or have a personal astrologer. One of the astrologers I started following back in 2016, started talking about a plague coming in 2020…back in 2016. When the pandemic hit, I was not surprised. In February 2020 I went to the Conscious Life Expo to see that astrologer who was speaking on a panel, and one of the other panelists was Debra Silverman. Like any good researcher, I looked her up prior to the expo and I instantly loved the way she presented astrology. Then I discovered she had her Masters of Psychology from Antioch as well, and she had been researching the correlation between Astrology and Psychology for 40+ years. Sign me up! At the time I did not have the mental/emotional bandwidth or the finances to do her school, so I just kept listening to her videos as well as several other astrologers.

Fast forward to 2022. I’m going to spare you all the shit I have experienced since October of 2019, but oh man what catapulted me into her school was very unpleasant, and I am also very grateful. Astrology school isn’t for the faint of heart either. There is something very interesting and almost unsettling about knowing what you have experienced through your life, and seeing it explained by looking at a chart. And at this moment, as I just typed that last sentence, I’m understanding more about my Moon placement! Ha, I love astrology! Anyway, what I learned about myself throughout the astrology school was mind blowing and I still don’t fully understand everything or what is in my future. I am currently healing one of the deepest aspects of my childhood that in many ways was very traumatic, and it is also pretty cool if things turn out ok. Which, if I’m interpreting astrology accurately, things are going to be more than ok. I do feel it is a good idea to provide a warning when studying astrology though. I can only share this based on my own personal experience; studying astrology has helped me in ways that I can’t fully explain. I also have come to understand that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you understand things from an astrological perspective because no matter what, you’re going to experience what you are going to experience. At this moment, I feel I’m walking a tightrope of “my life is about to blow up in my face” and “my life is about to be amazing”. Thing is, this is how my life tends to be. I can explain it as a trauma response, which it is. I can also explain it through my birth chart. Supposedly I’m supposed to be a genius and am supposed to be famous. There are only 2 other people I have found with a placement I have; Elizabeth Taylor and Edgar Allen Poe. I guess only time will tell how this plays out for me.

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