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Poetry for Women

Being a therapist, I have heard many stories. I have also heard many stories in the rooms of 12-step meetings; I too have my own story.

During the early stages of becoming a therapist, I had a moment where words were just pouring out of me. Words that were a combination of my own experiences as well as that of many others. Words that are deep and raw. Words that most don’t allow others to hear or read. The following poem is not for the faint of heart. It talks of what so many women have experienced throughout several generations.

I wrote this to extend love, compassion and empathy to every woman who has shared their pain with me. I wrote this to help the young girls and women I will inevitably encounter who will unfortunately relate. I wrote this from the depths of my soul.

I share this for those who cry alone. I share this so you know you aren’t alone. I share this for those who are afraid to share their story. I share this in hopes that the pain will eventually lighten.


Cycles, so many cycles.

Cycle breakers, what does that even mean?

Moon cycles, menstrual cycles, cycles of the seasons.

Cycles are dizzying, some are painful.

Then they stop, or do they?

Some do, some don’t.

Some pray they stop. The pain so excruciating.

Hot, cold, emotional, don’t show too much…or you’re crazy.

The cycle of the Mother

The Maiden, Mother and Crone

The Moon

The Earth

The Sky

The Divine Feminine

The control, or lack thereof

The manipulation. And where did we learn it from?

Defense mechanisms

Learning how to get what we need or want

You create us, and then shame us

You create us, and then hurt us

You create us, and then ignore us

You create us, and then forget about us

You create us, and then don’t take care of us

You create us, and then rape us

We get the diseases, while you pass them along

We’re the dirty ones

We’re the ones that get diseased at a young age by the icky touch

You tell us that some things are saved for only those you love, then misuse that power

You create us, then turn on us

We get old

We can’t bare your children

We get a bit heavier

We lose our girlish glow

You strip us of all the things you loved about us with your need to control

Then get angry or distant when we take it back

Why do you mistreat us?

Don’t you know we are just asking for respect, love, acceptance, honesty and loyalty

Maybe that’s too much to ask

So, we stop asking

We get to a state of peace within ourselves

There are moments of loneliness

And then we remember that we deserve to be respected, we deserve to be loved, we deserve to be accepted, we deserve honesty, we deserve loyalty

We will not beg for it

We don’t need to beg for it

You have created us to be independent thinkers

You have created us to be assertive

You have created us to be forceful with our boundaries

You have created us to make our own money

You have created us to pay our own way

You have created us to be survivors

You have created us to be independent

And now you want to take it away

You may have created us, the younger us.

But we created who we are now.

We have taken everything we have learned from you and stand here setting a boundary that you will not take away our independence. You will no longer touch us whenever and wherever

If we intimidate you, that’s not our problem, it’s yours, you created us.

“Why are you so angry”

My darling, we are angry. We are angry that we gave you the power to begin with

We’re angry because you reject us

We’re angry that we have been hurt, and keep hurting each other

We’re angry that we’re where we’re at and we’re feeling hopeless that things will get better.

That we can forgive, apologize and mend the division.

We’re tired of being angry

We’re tired of fighting

And we will fight till we are dead, to break the cycle of division

Mothers unite

Sisters unite

Women unite

Let us protect each other

Let us hear and try to understand each other

Let us have empathy with each other

Let us put each other’s crowns on

Let us bring the divine feminine back to life

Let us step into our power

Let us allow the divine masculine to heal

Let us do what we were meant to do; protect, love, care for and hold accountable our children and those who try to hurt them

Let us take back our rights to be women

Let us create our safe spaces

Let us hold ourselves, and each other, with love and compassion

Sisterhood UNITE!

-Christina Fitch

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